Leaks, Drips, and Spills

11 Nov 2011
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Leaders shouldn’t ignore the elephant in the room or the herds of elephants wandering the hallways.


There are so many to choose from I couldn't list them all. But I have blogged about many of them on this website. And, the result so far?

Silence from OSM.

No action.

But I would imagine the point here is the inability of the OSM leadership to effectively deal with the elephants within their organization. They are either oblivious, ignore them, or accept them. Any of the three are unacceptable.

10 Nov 2011
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This is the mission statement developed in Germany in 2008 by OSM and the core team and still published on the OSM website:

Our mission is to provide a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration.

Yet, this is the mission statement described by Paul Orwig in his November 9th blog about OSM's top 2012 goal ideas:

OSM's mission is to provide open, responsible, and effective leadership in support of the Joomla! project’s legal, trademark, events, financial, and external communications needs.

That's quite a switch in mission statements! And apparantly without input from Joomla Leadership (it wasn't mentioned in the summaries of the San Jose summit) and there wasn't any input solicited from the Joomla! community. Looks like OSM is heading down its own singular pathway yet once again. Might help the current OSM board members to review the mission, vision, and value statements that they are responsible for alongside the rest of the Joomla! leadership.