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OSM: The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

18 Jun 2015
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So here we are once again. Once again we are promised that the new organizational structure will fix all that is wrong with the Joomla! project. So, what is wrong? Apparently there are some communication and documentation issues between teams. Oh, Okay so what has OSM strong-armed the various teams to agree on? Well, it looks like software development teams will take a back seat to the non-technical people who will likely inhabit the board seats of OSM who will then "guide" the community on to bigger and better things. Wait, what? People like me who don't do software development will tell the developers what to do? Yup! Sounds just like big business doesn't it? Yup! Is that good? Nope!

 There are many resources available to read both the history and the current plans posted by those that used to be on the OSM board or used to be on one of the leadership teams. Then there are the official rah, rah postings that tell you how good everything will be once all the glitches are worked out. Meanwhile they continue voting for this and that while they continue working on the documents making adjustments here and there but failing to let anyone really know what the most current document is and what adjustments were made. Nor seeking input from the non-leadership of Joomla.

Update: July 2, 2015

All is not well in OSM. This was posted today in the Joomla-Leadership-Group in response to a post by Ryan Ozimek who was strongly suggesting that the Leadership Team and the Transition Team needed to meet in person in Central or Northern Europe in late September concerning the structural changes. This is what Robert Deutz had to say about that: 
"I think it is a waste of time and money. Why we need to have all LT + transition team at one place to speak about how to remove ourselves? Instead of meet and speak, doing is what is needed. 
I don’t see real progress and all the timelines before the decision was made are already totally impossible follow. We now have June and the transition team is supposed to be in place mid August. OSM is now running on a 6 months term ending as far as I know in October. Is OSM extending there term again without any community involvement? The project is more or less paralyzed. CLT has only a few members left, too less to fulfill there duties and I don’t see that they add new members. OSM, I don’t know. There are a lot of people in the team most of them are non existent when it comes to do something for me. 
You will not make the transition with talking, we talked 18 months now it is time (for the ya sayers) to do."
At least someone tells it like it should be told!

I also see comments about how these changes are going to improve transparency and accountability. Ah, gee - in my 10 years working with Joomla, I have heard that 100's of times and yet these same leaders of OSM who are hawking this same tired line fail to follow through TODAY!  Just today June 18th, 2015 the minutes of the March 12, 2015 board meeting was posted. Also just today the supposed minutes of the April 8, 2015 Annual General meeting of Members and Regular Annual Meeting of Directors was posted. Though it must be noted that these last two minutes were actually dated as occurring on February 12, 2015. As these are official documents required by both the Bylaws of OSM and the State of New York, one would think, giving the amount of time it took to post them, that at least one board member would have actually read them and noted what appeared to be a major discrepancy before voting to approve the minutes.

Update: June 27, 2015

Sometime yesterday, June 26, 2015, the the minutes of both the Annual General Meeting of Members and the Regular Annual Meeting of Directors were quietly updated to reflect a date of April 8, 2015 rather than February 12, 2015. One would like to think that this blog had something to do with the change that took 8 days to be recognized though I am sure OSM would deny any such thing. And to be honest since they failed to update any of the financials, I would have to hazard a guess that the blog is not influential at all!

Then if one looked for a financial report on OSM's web site or some substantive financial reporting within the board minutes, one would have to keep on looking. The last Budget vs Actuals report released on OSM's web site was dated December 2, 2014 well over 6 months ago. The last Balance Sheet reported on OSM's website was dated September 30, 2013. Gee, that was 17+ months ago! Can't find a P&L statement on their website at all. No reference is made in board minutes that the directors actually receive these documents. So one needs to ask. Are the directors of the board fulfilling their fiduciary duties? Is the Treasurer fulfilling his duties? Does the President ensure that the officers and directors are fulfilling their responsibilities? Sure doesn't seem like it to me.

Check also the last time you have seen a copy of the filed IRS 1120. It was 2012! Another duty failed by the Treasurer.

This is the gang that is forcing through structural changes that seem likely to sink the Joomla! ship. They certainly are the gang that can't shoot straight!


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