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Is it Time to "Occupy" Joomla!?

27 Oct 2011
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It's all about disenfranchisement isn't it? That, combined with a severe accountability deficit has resulted in the minority (the 1% - Joomla! Leadership) fixing the system so that the majority (the 99% - Joomla! Community) have lost trust. Once the community loses trust in the core fairness of the Joomla! system then the system itself is in deep trouble. Currently it seems that the Joomla! Leadership is thinking of its own interests as distinct from the interests of the Joomla! Community when instead it should be bending over backwards to ensure that the two groups are on the same track together.

The good will earned by an accountable and transparent OSM is one of, if not the most important, of its assets. Volunteers will invest their time in Joomla! when they trust that OSM is acting ethically. And developers and users of Joomla! will return for services, and recommend Joomla! to others, when OSM has shown to be accountable for its actions.


What should the Joomla! Community expect from OSM?


  • OSM must adhere to its published and established reporting procedures.
    • Currently the published schedule is monthly financial reports, monthly board meeting minutes, and annual tax filings.
  • OSM has an obligation to responsibly use it resources toward its mission and to benefit the Joomla! Community.
  • OSM should approve its financial audits, while the President and Treasurer should attest to the audits.
  • OSM has a responsibility to establish and regularly determine clear performance measures and share those results with the Joomla! Community.


  • OSM should provide information to the public that describes their decisions and decision-making processes. They should make meeting agendas and descriptions of significant decisions available to those who request them.
  • OSM should provide its constituents with ongoing opportunities to interact with the board regarding its activities.


  • OSM should produce an annual report (either printed or Web-based) that contains information on its activities and performance. The annual report should include:
    • An explanation of the OSM's mission, activities and results;
    • An explanation of how individuals can access its programs and services;
    • Monthly overall financial information, including income and expense statement, balance sheet and functional expense allocation; and
    • A list of board members, management staff and contributors.
  • OSM should provide multiple means for contacting the organization to request information or provide input.

Solicitation of Community Input

  • OSM is encouraged to hold public meetings to gather and distribute information about their approaches, goals and effectiveness in carrying out their missions.
Occupy Joomla! obviously cannot be a physical activity as Joomla! and OSM exist essentially in the virtual world. But a movement to hold OSM accountable can certainly be accomplished and should be if the Joomla! Community is serious about seeing the Joomla! CMS continue into the future. Apathy on the part of the 99% will not ensure continuity!



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