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Is It Just Smoke & Mirrors?

10 Nov 2011
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This is the mission statement developed in Germany in 2008 by OSM and the core team and still published on the OSM website:

Our mission is to provide a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration.

Yet, this is the mission statement described by Paul Orwig in his November 9th blog about OSM's top 2012 goal ideas:

OSM's mission is to provide open, responsible, and effective leadership in support of the Joomla! project’s legal, trademark, events, financial, and external communications needs.

That's quite a switch in mission statements! And apparantly without input from Joomla Leadership (it wasn't mentioned in the summaries of the San Jose summit) and there wasn't any input solicited from the Joomla! community. Looks like OSM is heading down its own singular pathway yet once again. Might help the current OSM board members to review the mission, vision, and value statements that they are responsible for alongside the rest of the Joomla! leadership.

Looking at the 2012 goals ideas provided by OSM, it looks pretty much like the 2011 goals with some wordsmithing thrown in to make it look different - smoke and mirrors.

2012 OSM Goal Ideas:

Trademark and Legal improvements

  • Simplify our Trademark (TM) policies to encourage voluntary TM compliance, and positive community use of the brand.
  • Implement the Helpdesk software for TM-use registration submissions.
  • Combine and simplify the TM forms.
  • Create simpler rules and Trademark-use guidelines that also supports Internationalization goals.
  • Continue protection of the TM from abuse, that may include legal action as last resort.
  • Expand TM registration as appropriate.
  • Support Joomla expansions or new project initiatives with contracts and legal agreements.
  • Improve processes and communication between teams regarding TM matters.
  • Support approved changes and improvements to Joomla's leadership structure.
  • Define the first phase of an official certification system/process.

2011 OSM Goals:

OSM Goal #2: Solidify/stabilize the Trademark team

  • Confirm (Acting) Trademark Team leader
  • Document Trademark-application processes
  • Document and simplify Trademark rules
  • Recruit new Trademark Team members & involve more board members
  • Implement new Ticketing software to better manage submissions and communications
  • Use ProjectFork software to manage above internal tasks
  • Clarify Trademark priorities
  • Try to add international team members to translate process documents and follow up with international issues.

The words are a little different and steps have changed but it doesn't look like anything was actually accomplished in 2011 (at least so far). Ryan Ozimek confirmed this in this post and again laid out a new schedule in this post on October 26 trying to accomplish something before the end of the year. I suspect we will see Trademark goals again the following year with substantially the same issues.

2012 Goal Ideas:

Events improvements

  • Produce Joomla World Conference.
  • Increase the number of Joomla!Days by targeting under-represented communities and encouraging local community events (developer events or otherwise).
  • Support outreach to non-English communities (with JoomlaDay event support).

2011 Goals:

OSM Goal #5: Improve support for Joomla events

  • Build an events team
  • Finding a long run strategy for events
  • Defining the target groups for different event types
  • Establish Joomla world conference
  • Documentation sprints and developer conferences
  • Create translations for documentation.

Some overlap as you can see. Since OSM hasn't bother reporting on their progress on the 2011 goals (see Open Source Matters, Inc. Fallout From The Lack Of Followup), it is difficult to judge if they are actually accomplishing anything.

2012 Goal Ideas:

External communications improvements

  • Support growth and development of Communications team.
  • Develop a set of marketing materials to be utilized by supporters, evangelists, and businesses.
  • Support internationalization efforts (in our own communications).
  • Support increased outreach efforts to higher education institutions.

2011 Goals:

OSM Goal #4: Simplification and documentation of our processes

  • Document Treasurer responsibilities and processes (for normal duties as well as project-wide processes such as budget/planning, funding requests, and contractor engagements), and add to the Wiki
  • Document processes for Events and add to the Wiki
  • Document trademark processes and add to Wiki
  • Organizing of OSM organizational documents
  • Document travel process for leadership team members (Orbitz, etc.)
  • Identify repository for international documentation.

Again, some overlap and agin no documentation on what has been accomplished.

2012 Goal Ideas:

Financial improvements

  • Review and expand our income opportunities to better support the Joomla project.

2011 Goals:

OSM Goal #1: Increase revenue from sponsorships, shop, and website monetization opportunities

  • a) Switch the shop over to b) create new souvenirs (key ring , Mug, etc...)
  • Brainstorm & update sponsor opportunities/pages
  • Increase publicity of new sponsors and sponsor opportunities
  • Increase Google Ads revenue using prime locations
  • Brainstorm & implement Joomla hosting page
  • Try to add international team members to improve international sponsors.

OSM Goal #6: Improve PR/Promotion efforts to raise positive global awareness about value of Joomla

  • Raise awareness of Sponsorships
  • Publicise Supporters Club
  • Translate documents.

Lots of proposed activity. No way of knowing if anything in the 2011 goals was completed or even acted upon. No status report

And then there is the Orphan Goal for 2011:

OSM Goal #3: Establish Joomla supporters club

  • Brainstorm details
  • Create requirements
  • Fix firm dates for going live
  • Confirm who is going to develop & costs
  • Ongoing publicity & monthly promotions
  • Ask for help to translate information to different languages.

All goals must have an associated timeline. If a goal is set, but no end date, the goal is worthless. The timeline must have a correlation with the tasks. This way the team can determine if they are on schedule to meet their goals. If they get behind in the timeline then the team and/or the team leader needs to make changes to attain the goal.

Lastly, the team leader must follow up. Consistent follow up will keep the goals fresh on the team's mind and also help them see the progress.

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