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Joomla! Leadership - Bait and Switch

25 Nov 2011
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In lawmaking, "caption bills" that propose minor changes in law with simplistic titles (the bait) are introduced to the legislature with the ultimate objective of substantially changing the wording (the switch) at a later date in order to try to smooth the passage of a controversial or major amendment. Rule changes are also proposed (the bait) to meet legal requirements for public notice and mandated public hearings, then different rules are proposed at a final meeting (the switch), thus bypassing the objective of public notice and public discussion on the actual rules voted upon. While legal, the political objective is to get legislation or rules passed without anticipated negative community review.
  From Wikipedia - "Bait and Switch"

Sound familiar? Simplistic summary -  In the September 29, 2011 blog by Paul Orwig, he provided an overview of discussions (which some members of the Joomla! Leadership Teams characterized as a surprise) held at the San Jose Summit to reorganize the current structure and essentially place all teams under the authority of what is now called OSM. The teams themselves may change as a result as may the name of OSM. In his blog he stated:

We want to know if you agree or disagree with these proposed changes, or if you feel some important factors have been overlooked. If you disagree with something, please help move the discussion forward by coming up with an alternative suggestion!

Yet in the discussion group on J!People, that suddenly went active again about 5 days ago after 20 days of inactivity, Paul Orwig again states:

3. The leadership discussion remains open. On November 7, due to the lack of activity in the leadership email thread following this JPeople discussion, I proposed to keep the discussion open for another week and if after that time a majority had not spoken up to the contrary, then that we should continue moving the process forward by accepting the original proposal that had been agreed to in San Jose and that no leaders objected to for the blog.

Emphasis added is mine. Several people attempted to get additional clarification in the last five days and were again subjected to third degree cross-examinations by various members of current and past Joomla! Leadership including Andrew Eddie who has obviously come down on the side of restructuring. This group shows no real effort to respect the opinions of others even though they solicited those opinions. Paul Orwig who has repeatedly disrespected others and shut down the discussion when they attempted to correct one of his misstatements had the temerity to state:

If someone refers to something I said and I can see that they misunderstood it, then I'm going to respond to correct that misunderstanding.

So, here we are. We have one spokesperson that represents both CLT and OSM doing all of the communicating. No one from the LT other then Brad Baker making any public statement. Two former members of the CLT expressing their significant reservations about going forward. No motion or vote from OSM directing Paul Orwig to present this proposal. You tell me. This looks like its becomming a bait and switch operation to you?

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