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OSM's Paul Orwig Abducted By Aliens?

07 Dec 2011
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That's gotta be it!

What other explanation would there be for failure to post the OSM financials for November - now seven days (one week) after the end of November and soon to start the second week of December? Update: Now three weeks after the end of November and still no OSM financial reports for November available. In addition, the Attorney General of New York posted OSM's New York tax reports but OSM has failed to post their IRS 1120 tax return. Transparency - bah, humbug seems to be OSM's mantra this past year and a half.

I mean, after all, Paul Orwig's record for posting the financial reports is already dismal. Failure to post the November financials in a timely manner (within one week is certainly timely from my point of view) will keep him at only a 20% record of posting the financials at all for the entire year. Posting November and December would only get him to 33% for the year.

And, given that his last posting of financial reports  revealed that he wasn't keeping accurate books, you would like to think he would make that extra effort to show he was now committed to showing both the community and the board that he was up to the task and could again be considered reliable. Reliable is not what the board members can consider him at the moment. Which really places the board members in an untenable position. They are entititled to rely on his reports as long as he can be considered reliable. Now that he has been shown not to be, their D&O (Director and Officers) Insurance really won't cover any poor decisions they might make by relying on his reports.

Speaking of insurance, perhaps the board should also consider getting all the board members $10,000,000 alien abduction insurance from The UFO Alien Abduction Insurance Company. There are several companies offering this insurance. An interesting video interview of a representative of The UFO Abduction Insurance Company would be educational for board members. Alien abduction insurance would go a long way towards providing financial rewards to OSM for continued excuses that the board might offer for failing to meet their own promises on delivery of reports because of alien abductions. Part B Sarcasm coverage might need to be renegotiated to apply to fellow board members and the joomla community, rather then just immediate family members, however. Tips are offered here on how to improve your chances of obtaining this insurance.

Meanwhile, Paul Orwig, if you have been returned to Earth, please post the financial reports.

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