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07 Jan 2012
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Let's see, where are we? Oh, yes, it's the end of the first week of January 2012.

So according to some speculators, the Mayan calendar foretells an apocalyptic event. It even gives us a potential date for the theoretical downfall: Dec. 21, 2012. Around 11 months and two weeks away. It is now my fervent belief that if OSM actually holds to their previous promises to publish the financial reports on time as well as the board minutes, it is likely to be on December 20, 2012 and we will only have one day to enjoy it!

End of the first week in January, 2012. Financial reports for the end of November, 2011 and the end of December, 2011 have not been published. Nor has there been any communication concerning the holdup. So, Paul Orwig's dismal record in posting OSM's financial reports for the Joomla! Community to review is at 16.6% for the year (2 out of twelve months).

Given that Paul Orwig was not keeping the books up to date,  that he was providing weekly financial reports to the board and to the Joomla! Leadership (according to Jacques Rentzke) that we now know were incorrect and that Paul Orwig knew were incorrect, you would expect some effort to explain and correct these issues. I haven't heard anything, you?

How about posting the the 2010 IRS 1120 tax return? Oops, not there either. If it wasn't for the New York Charities Bureau posting the 2010 New York tax returns along with a 990, we would have absolutely no idea how OSM is doing financially and, of course, that information is well over a year old.

I would expect in a couple of weeks, when OSM has their next board meeting that we will get to see the December board meeting minutes. While I think a month is too long to take to post the minutes especially with the ability to approve the minutes by email, it is a minor compromise. Of course Jacques Rentzke also failed to post the minutes for long periods last year - another failure to keep promises.

Unless, the board announced it's annual meeting in the December, 2011 minutes, there has been no declared annual meeting of the board for at least the past two years. This is required by OSM's own bylaws and by New York State law. This amounts to a continuation of this board's failure to follow law or bylaws in the past couple of years.

So, in spite of clearly documented failures, recommendations for correction, and suggestions for fixing many of the obvious break downs what have you seen as the response from the OSM board?




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