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Do Recent OSM Elections Signal A Move Down A Slippery Slope?

25 Feb 2012
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As I discussed in this blog, OSM Don't Need No Stinkin Transparency, I had real concerns that one of the remaining two officers on the OSM board would be elected as President of OSM. Well, guess what? OSM managed to do one even better. They recently announced Paul Orwig was elected as President and Jacques Rentzke was elected as Vice-President. Apparently no Treasurer could be found among the existing board members so the COC has also announced:

The Board of OSM is pleased to report that the Community Oversight Committee (COC) has approved the extension of the board term of Ryan Ozimek to serve as interim Treasurer until one week after a new Treasurer has been elected, or April 30, 2012, whichever comes first.

Alice Grevet, Secretary, Open Source Matters, Inc.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Alice Grevet was elected as Secretary. That was a no brainer. She was doing all the work anyway.

In spite of the significant delays and roadblocks  the Joomla! Community has experienced over the past couple of years trying to get board minutes and financial reports published for community review, the OSM board managed to move with all due speed to change the listing of board members to reflect the new positions. And, no, we still don't have a financial report reflecting at least the end of 2011. Nor do we have board minutes for January, 2012.

So what is the "slippery slope" here? It should be obvious to those who have been keeping up on these blogs. The two most likely to shut down discussion in JPeople!, the two most likely to condone continued secrecy of OSM business and financial transactions, the two most likely to condone the restructuring proposal and shepherd it through are the two members of OSM who were just elected to President and Vice-President positions in OSM.

We just went through two years of essentially no significant contributions from OSM under the leadership of Ryan Ozimek towards the support and caring of the development team. After all, that is the purpose of OSM you know.It is to remove from the development team any distractions from the business side of the project and to enable those devs to spend productive time on the project.

I have already described my concerns about the proposed reorganization in several blogs, this is just one - It's Probably Not Really A Conspiracy But ...

So, what are your thoughts? Has OSM moved to the brink of a greased cliff with their recent elections? Are we likely to see even more secrecy? Will this be good for the Joomla! project?

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David Huelsmann

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