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New Regime - Same Old Tricks

05 Mar 2012
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In the March, 2012 Joomla Community Magazine interview with Paul Orwig, former Treasurer of OSM and now President of OSM, said the following:

Support leadership structure changes to improve collaboration and productivity, establish a collaborative process with all leadership teams to set major project-wide goals, and improve OSM’s openness and transparency.

  Paul Orwig

 Emphasis shown is mine. Note that this is the same person who has stonewalled the Joomla! community for the last two years by failing to consistently provide "transparent" financial reports for community review as promised by the board, recommitted to on their J!People page, and required in their own bylaws.

So, where are we now? Last partial financial report was released in October of 2011. There has been no Annual Report as required by OSM bylaws and New York state law in the past two years. There has been no release of the IRS 1120 filing for 2010. Fortunately we were able to get a little insight since New York publicly releases their CHAR500 charitable organization required filing along with an IRS 990 though there does appear to be issues with the 990 as filed. See Maybe OSM Is Just Confused? written December 14, 2011. Of course, no response from OSM concerning the issues questioned in that blog.

It has now been about two weeks since the last OSM board of directors meeting in February. So you would expect Alice Grevet (the newly elected OSM Board Secretary) to have posted the minutes from the January, 2012 board meeting. Nope. Hasn't happened. Now almost a week into March, 2012. Guess she learned well under the former board secretary Jacques Rentzke who also had frequent issues in posting minutes in a reasonably timely fashion. Update: Interestingly enough, it appears the board failed to review and vote on the January board minutes in their February board meeting. Alice Grevet has been seeking approval of the January minutes since March 6th based upon her entry in the Open Source Matters, Inc. Public Mailing List on Google.

So, what are we left with? Well, the treasurer who failed to be open and transparent during his tenure has now been promoted to President. The secretary who frequently failed to be open and transparent during his tenure has now been promoted to vice-president. And the former president who failed to see to transparency under his leadership has been temporarily installed as treasurer. Seems somewhat incestuous to me and unlikely to result in any increase in transparency for the future.

We have seen promises, promises, and more promises but no real action.

  What do you think readers?

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