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26 Apr 2012
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Good NewsYou may have not noticed but OSM published their March 20, 2012 board minutes only three days after their April 20th board meeting. That's like a record and is well appreciated by those of us who strongly believe in the public oversight clause of OSM's bylaws!

Also notable is that Altansukh Tumenjargal has attended the first three months of board meetings of 2012. Either the board made special accommodation as to the time of the board meetings or Sukh has made a special effort. Either way, it's good to see.

Bad News Discussions from Javier Gomez's group on leadership changes were supposed to be available in the public group Joomla Project Structure Working Group. You can find part of the information there but the rest that is mentioned such as the responsibility descriptions of the directors is not public even though it was asked for and promised to the public several years ago. You will also note that there is no attempt, as we move closer and closer to the summit in Germany, to make any pretense of evaluating whether such changes are even necessary or appropriate. Instead,  the discussions are entirely focused on the final structure assuming that it will be approved.

Good NewsThe March 20, 2012 minutes stated that the "2012 budget would be published in the next week or so".

The board has selected the former non-board member Assistant Treasurer Thomas Hampton to serve as Treasurer.

The board made a point of indicating that they had applied for extensions for filing 2011 taxes and paid the appropriate taxes for the 2011 fiscal year by March 14, 2011. Much better than last year's failure to track by the board.

 Looks like the board is also looking into the differences in taxes paid to NY State versus NY City. Nice to see due diligence on the board's part for a change.

 Bad NewsToday is April 26, 2012. No published budget I can find. I must have an entirely different opinion of the phrase next week or so then do the members of OSM.

The board has selected the former non-board member Assistant Treasurer Thomas Hampton to serve as Treasurer - unfortunately he was trained by the former Treasurer Paul Orwig who has persistently refused to publish financial reports for public oversight as required by OSM's own bylaws. Maybe we will get lucky and find Thomas to be more accommodating then his predecessor.

Also notable, still no blog on the 2011 finances nor has there been any attempt to publish an end of year financial report.

I encourage all of you to read the two petitions  linked here and sign them. It is time OSM heard from its constituents!


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