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09 May 2012
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Still waiting for:

1Publication of the 2012 budget now technically overdue by 130 days or four months and nine days from January 1st, 2012. From the promise time frame it is overdue by 44 days or one month and thirteen days from a "week or so" as stated in the March 20th, 2012 board minutes.

2Publication of an end-of-year financial report now technically overdue by 130 days or four months and nine days from January 1st, 2012.

3Publication of any financial report now overdue by 192 days or six months and ten days since the last publication of October 31, 2011.

4Paul Orwig's promised blog on 2011 finances now overdue by 107 days or three months and sixteen days since it was promised in the January 24, 2012 OSM minutes.

5Publication of Ryan Ozimek's trademark proposal now overdue by 166 days or five months and fourteen days from the original proposed community input on November 26, 2011.

6Any possible opportunity to provide meaningful  comment on what the Joomla Project Structure Working Group might be prepared to present to the Joomla! Leadership in Germany only ten days from now.

You will note that Christine (a consultant working with the Joomla Project Structure Working Group)  was convinced after reading Paul Orwig's various presentations on restructuring that the decision had already been made to restructure (emphasis mine):

Hi all, I work as a consultant and guide organizations through change processes. I am not really involved in the Joomla project and have therefore a clear emotional distance. I did an analysis of the current situation of the Joomla project and presented that on the Joomla Day New England. The feedback was ernormous and therefore I offered my knowledge to support your work. I was reading all your discussions, Paul's summary, the community replies, etc. Here the summary of my thoughts: It is decided that 1. the COC should be resolved 2. a new board with 11 members should be established to terminate the splitting between OSM, PLT, CLT. This board works with committees, each lead by one board director. 3. until the new board is ready, an interim board with 3 members each from OSM, CLT, PLT + 2 new members should be established. ...

Jeremy Wilken did correct her assumption but there continues to be no real effort to seek community input on whether this change should be effected. All effort seems to be on the outcome once it is approved.

Only ten days till the summit in Germany! I encourage all of you to read the two petitions  linked here and sign them. It is time OSM heard from its constituents!


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