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Did Paul Orwig's Nose Just Grow?

08 Jun 2012
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I had a great time for the last three weeks ignoring my laptop,  my smart phone, and the Internet while staying in our summer place in Indiana and visiting some of our kids and grand kids just across the border in Illinois. Quite relaxing. Just got back yesterday afternoon and am catching up on the tools I recently ignored.

Imagine my surprise reading the blog from Paul Orwig about the 2012 Joint Leadership Summit Summary. Maybe it's just me? It sure seems that he was putting spin on the meeting. No details were forthcoming. Not even the number of attendees at the meeting. No information on what recommendations might have been agreed to or even if there was consensus at the meeting on any recommendations.

Updated 6/9/12: In the June 2012 Leadership Highlights in the Joomla Community Magazine, Alice Grevet comments on the Joint Leadership Summit in Germany. She states that there were 17 Leadership member attendees which is a little less than half of the 25 members of the various leadership teams. Interesting that they do not want to share the contents of the meetings they held until the rest of the team members can add their input. It's interesting because in the past they have only been able to get 6 team members to go on record about the proposed leadership structure changes.

Before going into this meeting in Germany, a representative of Joomla! Leadership did finally ask the community for input on the document prepared by the Joomla Project Structure Working Group. Not too surprising, there were a number of negative commenters concerning the proposal. So, I put it to you, doesn't the blog lead you to think that not everything went well at the summit in Germany?

Now that we have just started the second week of June, 2012, I must still wonder why no minutes have been published for April. We also still haven't seen the 2012 budget for OSM or any financial reports since October of last year.

Updated 6/9/2012:The board is very quick to publish the adding of a new treasurer on April 20, 2012. They were also very quick to publish the addition of three new board members on May 1, 2012. But they don't seem to have the time or the interest in publishing expanded information about these board members to the community as we don't see them listed as board members on OSM's own website.

 And this is the group Joomla Leadership thinks ought to be responsible for the coding side of Joomla as well as the financial?

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