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When It Comes To OSM - Question Everything

06 Jul 2012
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Sometime after 5 am CDT today July 6, 2012, Alice Grevet posted the approved board minutes for the OSM Board Meeting held on June 19, 2012. It was sloppy - not at all like Alice's previous postings for the most part. For instance, attendees were listed but absentees were not. In this case, the newly elected treasurer wasn't present and he is still not listed as a board member on OSM's own website.

Update July 10, 2010: Today OSM updated their website to publish the bio of the new treasurer - Thomas Hampton - that they announced April 20, 2012. Looks like 82 days or 2 months and 21 days is the best you can expect of this board for simple tasks. We have certainly seen much longer for even slightly more complex tasks like publishing budgets and financial reports.

Another example was that the board approved the minutes of the previous meeting. Since they didn't discuss not having a meeting in May, it was up to the reader to figure out that they were referring to the April meeting. She also clearly stated

Review of OSM board of directors motions brought to the floor via the email list, please circulate list by email in advance No motions were made.

that no motions were made via the email list since the previous meeting. Yet, we find at the end of the minutes:

1. Board motions taken on the email list
Motion: Open Source Matters approves the 2012 budget.
By: Paul Orwig
Seconded: Javier Gomez
Date: May 28, 2012
For: 10
Against: 0
Quorum: Yes
Result: Motion approved

Sloppy, sloppy.

Of course, it is now July 6, 2012 and OSM has had well over a full month to post the approved budget - yet consistent with OSM's past lack of action regarding transparency in financial reporting - no budget has been published.

I noted in my blog Where's The Beef OSM? that Alice Grevet had stated in the Leadership Highlights - July 2012 that the 2012 goals for the three teams CLT, PLT, and OSM were now finalized. I presumed that at least OSM's goals had been approved at the June Board meeting. There was no notation of discussion or approval of any of the goals in the minutes. Come on OSM, goals represent a strategic direction of the board and should have buy-in and approval of the board members which should be documented.

Moving on - As clearly described in my blog More Empty Promises Ryan Ozimek made numerous promises concerning his proposed changes in Trademark Policy. In fact, the timeline started in October, 2011 with multiple promises for community input once the document had been completed. In the February 21, 2012 Board Meeting, it was stated:

a. License, Trademark, and Copyright Committee

Members have the link to a document outlining a timeline for goals and action items. It needs to be finalized by the summit. The dates may need some adjusting.

Now, out of the blue in the June 19, 2012 Board Meeting, we find:

b. License, Trademark, and Copyright Committee

Progress is being made on the TM website. Goals and deadlines are being set. Implementation of the helpdesk is a priority now. Matthew Philogene is helping as project manager. All TM content from the OSM website is being transferred, and a new TM form (hopefully only one) will be created.

Questions about the JoomlaDay logos with follow-up questions to the lawyers will be threaded in an email.

 So, what happened to input by the community? Also, what happened to approval of these actions by the board?

Assume Nothing

Question Everything

Open Your Eyes

Challenge All Assertions

And Start Thinking

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