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Send In The Clowns

11 Oct 2012
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It's downright comical! On September 29th, Alice Grevet posted in the Open Source Matters, Inc. - Public Mailing list that the minutes from the September 18th OSM Board meeting were ready for approval. Only 11 days after the meeting. Almost a record considering it took almost two months to post the last two sets of minutes. But, wouldn't you know - the OSM Board, then took took 11 days to approve the minutes. Now I understand why they want one to two months to post minutes.

Of course, it takes even longer to get through a process to change the License, Trademark, and Copyright issues that have been under discussion for a lifetime. The board seems to be frustrated itself so I wonder who or what the holdup is:

 b. License, Trademark, and Copyright Committee 09/18/2012: It is time to think about a Plan B, perhaps including some of the new people who have shown an interest, in case this process gets stalled much longer.

One of the things I really continue to find interesting is that the board takes actions without voting on it. For instance:

a. OSM term extensions 09/18/2012: Board members extend their congratulations to Dianne and Marijke whose board terms have been extended by one year, as approved by the Community Oversight Committee, at the request of the board.

I went all the way through March reviewing the board minutes to see where the board passed a motion to ask the CoC to approve the extensions of the terms. Bet you can even guess what I found! Nothing! Typically, this board only conducts motions to approve minutes, to adjourn and more than half way through the year to finally approve a budget. Not much else.

It will be interesting to review thew next board minutes. While not required that the board approve nominees for positions, the CoC approves board members, there were apparantly a number of applicants and according to the posting from Alice Grevet on October 3rd, 2012:

 On October 3, 2012, the Community Oversight Committee (COC) approved the four nominees submitted to them by the Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM)

So, I wonder, if there were a number of applicants, you would think the board approved the four that were submitted which normally require a majority of the board members present (assuming there was a quorum) to agree to each nominee finally submitted. Do you think there will be any notation of such an action in the board minutes. Nah, neither do I.

Based on the minutes, it looks like Paul is now interested in researching other models to dissolve the CoC. Guess the push from this past year of effort wasn't successful. Glad to hear it!

Looks like no financial reports for September  will be available to the community once again. Makes you wonder what they are afraid you might discover.

Guess the clowns are already in place!

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