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What has the "Open Source Matters Report" in the Joomla! Community Magazine have to do with OSM?

09 Oct 2011
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Alice Grevet, a board member and Assistant Secretary of the Open Source Matters, Inc. board, writes a monthly article in the Joomla! Community Magazine title "Open Source Matters Report" for the month of that issue. It amazingly has absolutely nothing to do with OSM and everything to do with the other leadership teams within Joomla. Some people believe in conspiracy theories like John F. Kennedy's assassination, Roswell New Mexico's aliens, Princess Diana, and so on. If I was a believer in these conspiracy theories, I might want to believe that the OSM board has been preparing the way for some time to have all the other leadership teams reporting directly to the board. After all, why would OSM be reporting on their activities as if those activities were their own? Makes you think about this proposed organizational change doesn't it? After all, even Mel Gibson was eventually proved correct.


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David Huelsmann

Dave Huelsmann was Treasurer of Open Source Matters, Inc. from 2008 to July, 2010 and Joomla Forum Global Moderator from 2005 to November, 2010. Now retired, he was a senior healthcare executive who managed large and diverse clinical laboratory, radiology, electroencephalography, and centralized patient transport operations/departments in both not-for-profit and for-profit companies throughout the United States.

Dave was a Navy Corpsman who served in Vietnam while attached to Seabee battalionmcb71

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0 # David Huelsmann 2011-10-10 09:38
Looks like someone was listening or perhaps they figured it out on their own. This month's Joomla Community Magazine includes a "Leadership Connections" section by Alice Grevet. A much more appropriate title that doesn't reflect OSM controlling all aspects!
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