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Sorry, What Were You Asking?

30 Oct 2012
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Ooops sorry again, it wasn't you asking OSM Board, it was all the rest of us asking you! Still wondering when you as a board are going to honor your promises. Just like Winnie The Pooh said , it looks like you stopped to think and then just forgot to start again. So I  have taken the Pooh saying to mean either (a) a reminder that one should always remain critical of one's own decisions; or (b) a slander against old people, who in the middle of thinking about something, forget..about what..they..were..oh, look: there's a cob-web on my computer monitor. I really must dust in here some day... Sorry what were you asking about?

Here we are the day before Halloween -- the day before the last day of October 2012. And, what promises has the OSM board lived up to this year? Let's see, they mostly delivered on their promise to publish the board minutes though they frequently lagged significantly behind during the year by two months or more. Right now, they are reasonably current with only the latest board minutes from the October meeting missing. While they can easily approve those through email and publish them by early to mid-November, we may have to wait until the November meeting occurs before we get to see them.

How about the financial reports? Not so good there. Eleven months after the last almost complete set of financials were reported on October 2011, we did get to see P&L and Balance sheet on September 10, 2012. However, we should have also been given end of month reports on September 30th and we should also see reports on October 31 (tomorrow). Want to bet we won't?

Let's see, we have had four new board members appointed on October 3rd and one board member who has left the board (though the exact date of his leaving hasn't been made public). Newly appointed were:

  •  Mike Carson from Joliet, Illinois, USA.
  •  Sandy Ordonez from Brooklyn, New York, USA
  •  Radek Suski from Schaafheim, Germany
  •  Sarah Watz from Stockholm, Sweden

Leaving the board is:

  •  Altansukh (Sukh) Tumenjargal

who rarely was able to attend board meetings during his two years on the OSM board. Apparently this was not considered a handicap by the other board members.

What do we know about these new board members? (Apparantly written by Alice Grevet though no attribution is made on the OSM website)

Our four new members cover a wide range of skills, and each one has done significant work to further the goals of the Joomla! project, both locally and beyond their borders.

 That's it! In the 27 days since the announcement of their appointment, OSM has been unable to remove Altansukh Tumenjargal from the listing of OSM Board Members  nor have they been able to add the new board members with perhaps a better itemization of the skills they bring to the Joomla! project then the one provided so far.

It's been over a year since I started this blog hoping to point out areas that the OSM board could improve. I am afraid I have been unsuccessful. I might have gotten their attention by submitting a report to the NY Attorney General concerning their many failures in following NY law for charities but that might also have gotten them into some legal difficulties that could harm the overall project. That's not a direction I am interested in pursuing. I guess this blogging process has been my own version of Don Quixote titling at windmills. It is like a tilt at the establishment itself, perhaps you may not win, but you can very often tilt it just a little bit.


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