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17 Nov 2012
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No matter how many times I point out the many opportunities for OSM, they just go out and create even more! For instance, on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 1801, Paul Orwig posts the following on Open Source Matters, Inc. - Public Mailing list:

As we discussed in today's combined leadership meeting,  from:

                ARTICLE III - DIRECTORS
                Directors will be elected according to the procedure
                described in Article IV.  Each Director's term will last
                for the term specified in her or his election or, if no
                such term is specified, for two years.

I move that the above paragraph in Article III, Section 2 of the By-laws of Open Source Matters, Inc. be changed to:

                Directors will be elected according to the procedure
                described in Article IV.  Each Director's term will last
                for the term specified in her or his election or, if no
                such term is specified, for one year. This term may be

This motion needs a second, and then all board members may  vote by responding in this email thread with either a +1 if  you agree with the motion, or -1 if you do not agree with the motion. Email motion threads     remain open for seven days.




And, just like the dutiful sheep they are, the board members lined up to place their +1 votes one after another. What's wrong with that you say? Lots! First off, it's obvious, if you read between the lines, that the majority of the board wasn't present at this combined leadership meeting. There was no discussion and no reason offered for the motion. Yet, voting commenced with no objection. Oops, that isn't quite true. Two board members questioned the process (tho they voted +1 anyway).

 Radek Suski: Was there a particular reason for this change? I mean, it passed anyway but it is hard to vote without knowing the reason.


Robert Deutz: Just one note about the process: I think it would be better when there is a discussion at a face to face meeting when the decision would also be made at the meeting and the result would be documented. If the group decide to vote over the mailing list then there should be some time to discuss the topic so that all have the same information.

 So, Alice Grevet then states:  With a majority of the board having voted, and all in favor, the motion passes. I will update the bylaws in the next 24 hours.

 After Alice declares the motion passed, then and only then Paul responds to Radek:

Hi Radek, This was discussed during our combined leadership meeting yesterday. The reason for the change is to move closer to a single set of guidelines for terms, term limits, and how members are added and removed for all leadership teams. This had been previously discussed in our combined leadership meeting at JAB last May. The goal is to publish a blog post soon that will include a description of these guidelines for all teams. Thanks, paul

 Of course, other then moving from a starting term of two years to one year. Allowing renewal of terms, doesn't really set term limits. And, OSM is the only legal corporation within the Joomla! project. Why should there be coordination of volunteer members of non-corporate groups terms with the legal entity? Makes no sense. The real opportunity missed here was the failure of the board members to demand a discussion period and an explanation of the motion. Robert probably was most correct in asking for such motions to be made at a board meeting. After all, what was the rush?


Back to the continued issue I have with OSM's chronic failure to keep the community in the loop concerning the finances. Other then the most recent partial report of finances on September 10, 2012 and the one earlier report on October 11, 2011 (almost a full year earlier), we are effectively kept in the dark. This is a great technique to ensure no questions can be asked and no issues can be raised.

By now, OSM should have filed their income tax forms to the IRS for 2011. The should also have filed the required New York state tax forms to the NY Charities bureau. So, why haven't they gone ahead and published them on their web site for us to review?

We will get to review the 990 and the NY state forms once they are published on the NY Charities bureau website. At least NY considers these important public documents! Don't bother trying the link on the OSM site, it conveniently doesn't go anywhere. Try this link instead. We should be able to see the forms anytime now on that site.

Still no minutes from the October board meeting. Given how fast the board moved on the motion discussed above, there really isn't any excuse for failure to use the same process for meeting minutes.

On October 3rd, Alice Grevet announced the four new board members and the loss of a board member - Altansukh Tumenjargal (Sukh). As of today, November 17, 2012 none of the new board members are represented on the OSM board member listing and Sukh is still listed. The Joomla! community just doesn't seem to be a priority for OSM does it?

pogo himself

Perhaps you noticed the blog concerning the shutdown of the People Joomla Org. The complaints made about it echoed many of my complaints about that site. The most heavy-handed moderation occurred in the OSM site in my opinion. Interesting to note that while a link was made to the forums for discussion of the blog, no actual topic was created. Thus, no discussion! Funny how that works!

This blog was a little more difficult to write then usual. Last Sunday evening, I fell and in the process of breaking my fall, I also broke the radius and ulna in my left forearm along with damaging the wrist joint. Heading off to surgery Tuesday for whatever repair can be made along with installation of a metal plate and other hardware. Probably won't be writing much for a while afterward. I am sure most will be relieved at the prospect.

For now, farewell from me for a while and goodbye to the "furred and feathered" bunch of creatures who lived deep in the Okefenokee Swamp, just outside of Waycross, Ga. in the fertile imagination of Walt Kelly. All drawings  are by Walt Kelly (copyright OGPI), used here under "fair use" provision of law.

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