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OSM - Leadership Circus?

28 Sep 2013
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Finally after over promising and undelivering over and over again, Jacques Rentzke published some of the financial reports on or about September 22, 2013. This after promising on August 6, 2013 that " The OSM board is currently voting on the adjusted Budget for 2013 and that should be approved, and published within 7 days. Once the budget is approved, we will again also have the "Budget vs Actual" report available. (that would be useful for teams to track their spending against what was budgeted)."  Based on the seven day commitment, we should have seen those reports somewhere around August 12 or so. Didn't happen. Then on August 20, 2013, Jacques stated "The board of Open Source Matters approved the adjusted 2013 budget, and I'll be posting it to our web site by the end of the week. (along with a Budget vs. Actuals - 2013 report)" . That commitment should have been fulfilled by August 23 or even the 25th. Didn't happen. So, when did some of the reports get published? According to Jacques Rentzke, he published them on September 22, 2013. So, some 41 days from his first promised posting of reports to the actual delivery of at least some reports. In the OSM world, failure to unapologetically follow up on your commitments either completely or partially seem to be the norm for the last several years. Even today, we haven't seen hide nor hair of minutes for June, July, or August. The September board meeting should have been completed by now, so there is really no excuse for failing to publish all of these minutes unless you are not doing your job or, worse yet, someone doesn't want timely release of information to the public. So, OSM who wants to be held out as the leaders of the Joomla Project and who recently had all oversight of their activities removed (not that the oversight was effective by any means) continues down the path of failing to lead in any sense of the word.

Take a few minutes to look over the eight month delayed budget that was finally published. What do you notice? Income is budgeted at $652,578. Expenses are budgeted at $860,642. That is a budget deficit of $208,064. Is that how you budget your household expenses? Of course not. Why did it take so long to even approve this budget? As best as I can tell, the OSM "Leaders" were unable to get the rest of the various Joomla Project teams to get their budgets in line with revenue and miserably failing their "Leadership" roles, OSM didn't have the guts to make the adjustments themselves. I know certain people like Andrew Eddie who lives in Australia doesn't like me to reference United States politics but a lot of us are from the U.S. and understand the complete failure of our Congress to take the reins in hand and conduct business as they should. Even Andrew can probably figure out the reference particularly if he would take the time to read something like the Economist now and then. So, why can't OSM learn the lesson that failure to lead is not leadership? Beats me. Some of you may have seen a quick reference that the OSM corporate structure (unique to New York) requires "members". Again without any explanation to the rest of us, apparently the OSM immediately voted themselves as the "members" of Open Source Matters, Inc. I am no lawyer but reading what little information is available, it looks like the "members" should be separate from the directors. It certainly reads like they are two different groups in the regulations. Unfortunately, we can't even find out if the board actually voted on a new treasurer given the dearth of communications from a board which declares one goal as transparency. Phooey!

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