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Where's Waldo (err.. Ryan Ozimek)?

11 Oct 2011
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Ryan Ozimek Ryan Ozimek

Some time ago I wrote a piece within the Open Source Matter's JPeople group about the missing president of OSM. He had promised in a blog that he would publish a "semi-regular dose of transparency and accountability to the Joomla community as to my activities as Open Source Matters (OSM) President." That was on March 22, 2010. There were two more published blogs March 29 and April 5, 2011. Nothing on this vein has been published since then. It was the sentiment of several commenters that Ryan was busily serving the Joomla community by attending various Joomla functions. I know Ryan is a very good PR person and personally had recommended he not be elected as president of OSM until the board had decided whether to have an executive director in place that could see to the actual leadership needs of OSM. I was concerned that Ryan would be so busy between his position as CEO of PICNet with offices on two coasts and his more then willing and capable PR activities for OSM that he would not devote the necessary energies to develop board members and work on the needed aspects to this organization. If you take the time to read the minutes from when Ryan was secretary of OSM and then when he became president, you will note that he no longer figures prominently in the minutes discussion at all.

Reviewing Ryan's speaking engagements below, you will see that he is quite the globe trotter. The dates indicated are for the actual conference. There were additional days spent before and after the conferences by Ryan - the number of which are not documented.

Joomla!Day Los Angeles

United States / Los Angeles

3rd December 2011

Ryan Ozimek is speaking

Joomla!Day Bangkok 2011

Thailand / Bangkok

29th October 2011

Ryan Ozimek is tracking (Probably indicates unable to attend)

Joomla!Day Denmark 2011

Denmark / Kolding

28th–29th October 2011

Ryan Ozimek is speaking

Joomla!Day New York 2011

United States / New York

22nd–23rd October 2011

Ryan Ozimek is speaking

Joomla!Day Israel

 Israel / Tel Aviv

10th October 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

Joomla!Day UK 2011

England / London

24th–25th September 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

Joomla!Day Austin

United States / Austin

15th September 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

Joomla!Day Brasil

Brazil / Florianopolis

2nd–4th September 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

Joomla!Day South Africa

South Africa / Cape Town

19th–20th August 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

J and Beyond

Netherlands / Kerkrade

6th–8th May 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

The 2011 CMS Expo

United States / Chicago

2nd–4th May 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

Joomla!Day New England

United States / Brattleboro

2nd April 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

NTC: Nonprofit Technology Conference 2011

 United States / Washington

17th–19th March 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

Introducing WebMatrix

Ireland / Dublin

8th February 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke

Joomla!Day Chile 2011

Chile / Santiago

18th January 2011

Ryan Ozimek spoke


I am sure that Ryan presented himself and the Joomla project well at each of these events. The questions that need to be asked are:

 Is the leadership lacking back home while all this traveling is occuring?

  • If Ryan wasn't traveling this much would there really be a need to reorganize the Joomla project into a typical business model?
  • Who is paying for all of these trips? Can't tell from the financials cause we haven't seen them in so long.
  • Is there a Conflict of Interest with Ryan and these trips allowing him to promote his business more then Joomla?

 Answering those questions should be a priority of the board in their own introspection of their activities and how they have carried them out.

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David Huelsmann

Dave Huelsmann was Treasurer of Open Source Matters, Inc. from 2008 to July, 2010 and Joomla Forum Global Moderator from 2005 to November, 2010. Now retired, he was a senior healthcare executive who managed large and diverse clinical laboratory, radiology, electroencephalography, and centralized patient transport operations/departments in both not-for-profit and for-profit companies throughout the United States.

Dave was a Navy Corpsman who served in Vietnam while attached to Seabee battalionmcb71

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