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What's Missing At Open Source Matters, Inc.?

22 Aug 2014
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You probably didn't know that OSM published their 2013 New York Charities Bureau Tax submission along with a Federal 990 required by the Charities Bureau. I don't know when it was published on the OSM web site as there was no announcement of its availability. It was signed by Paul Orwig on April 7, 2013 and Victor Drover on April 8, 2014. I checked and the Charities Bureau has received it. There has been no posting, however, of the Federal Tax forms for the 2013 tax year by OSM.

If you have been reading the blogs that are now infrequently published on the Joomla site (might be the summer season I suppose causing such malaise), you would see that the most recent one was JOOMLA SUPPORTS GRACE HOPPER CELEBRATION OF WOMEN IN COMPUTING AS SILVER SPONSOR . It's difficult to find out what that really means as far as impact to OSM's finances for several reasons.

 The first reason is we haven't seen any minutes indicating the board approved spending some amount of money for the sponsorship. You would have thought it would have come up in the June board meeting because the deadline for applying for a sponsorship was July 18, 2014. But it didn't. We haven't seen the July board minutes as of yet - keep reminding the board that they can approve minutes via email - after all they are all techies, right? Then the other problem is there is a Corporate Silver Sponsor level and a lab/non-profit silver sponsor level. The corporate level sponsorship is $24,500 while the lab/non-profit sponsorship is $3,750. Now, you would kind of hope that it was the latter amount that was spent but you know, with the continued lack of transparency - who knows?

Oh, speaking of transparency, have you noticed that OSM is on track to have gone an entire year without releasing a single one of the following financial reports:  

  • Balance Sheet
  • Budget compared to actual year-to-date
  • Company Snapshot
  • P&L Statement

They still leave it up on the website that they will make these reports available. The last partial collection of reports was in September, 2013. Yes, that's right, it's been eleven months so far and once we reach next month, bingo - one year.

Pretty good for transparency advocates wouldn't you say?

Update # 1: August 30, 2014

Sometime yesterday or early this morning OSM published their July minutes. It has some interesting tidbits to share. First, as I mentioned earlier in this blog, OSM is on track to have gone a whole year without reporting any financial reports to the community and apparently the board itself. The last partial set of reports was provided for the month ending September, 2013. According to Victor Drover in the July, 2014 minutes: 

c) Reports
Finances are now restructured. The first Tuesday of each month reports are scheduled to be posted to the OSM public mailing list. The secretary will receive a copy. Expense reports for all Leadership Teams will also be generated and be reported to public mailing list.

Note, that this is not posting on the OSM web site as it should be but rather publishing to the OSM Google Public Mailing List. Also note that there has been NO posting to that public mailing list since April, 22, 2014. According to Victor, the reports should have been made available August 2nd. So, promises and more promises but nothing actually happens. Way to go OSM. Transparency is such a low priority for you! And board members, you are not fulfilling your fiduciary duty by allowing your treasurer to fail in providing you complete financial reports. Your D&O insurer will certainly not cover you if the New York Attorney General ever finds evidence that there has been tinkering with the books of a charity. That will make each individual board member personally responsible for any losses. Consider THAT at your next board meeting.

As I mentioned in the blog above, the deadline for applying for a silver sponsorship for the Grace Hopper Conference (according to the conference website) was July 18, 2014. The board approved not only the sponsorship but also sending Sarah Watz to the conference via email voting:

1) Motion: The board of Open Source Matters, Inc., approves the sponsoring of the Grace Hopper Conference as a silver sponsor and to send Sarah Watz as a representative of the board of Open Source Matters.
Motion brought by: Victor Drover Seconded by: Ronni Christiansen
Date: July 19, 2014 For: 6 Against: 2 Quorum: Yes Result: Motion approved

Note the complete failure to indicate the amount that the board was approving. Instead the board approved the concept without again being responsible fiduciaries and determining the overall cost.

Well, Joomla Community, it's your board. Your failure to raise up appropriate issues with this board means that they will continue to operate irresponsibly and in secret. I realizie asking questions of this group is painful. Their usual response is to attack the messenger. But, continued failure to press the issues I have described in many blogs simply means that you will get what you deserve!

Update # 2: September 6, 2014

On September 2, 2014 and without any notice other than the one that appeared in the Open Source Matters, Inc. board minutes of July 24, 2014, Victor Drover published three reports on the Open Source Matters, Public Mailing List. The first report was CLT Classes v Totals - FY14. The second report was PLT Classes v Totals - FY14. And, the third report was Budget vs. Actuals - FY2014. Initially, no report appeared on the OSM web site but finally a pdf of Budget vs. Actuals - January - August, 2014 did appear. Neither the PLT nor the CLT summary was posted on the OSM web site. (PLT = Production Leadership Team: responsible for coordinating the production of the Joomla CMS and Framework, including code, documentation, and localization. CLT = Community Leadership Team: responsible for all Joomla websites, forums, and user groups.) One item of note on the PLT summary was an expenditure of $5,353 for a non-joomla event. Normally, once a line item is budgeted, the expenditure of funds within that budgeted amount requires no additional approval. However, an expenditure for funds that is not budgeted requires board approval. I can't seem to find such board approval in the January through July board minutes. Note that there still has been no published balance sheet for a year and no published income statement for even longer that that. Hey OSM, your Quickbooks online can publish these reports in seconds and even send them to your sites without any intervention from you and with no expenditure of additional money, paper or ink!

Still no published federal tax reports for 2013


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