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Open Source Matters, Inc. and board member attendance. Why it's important.

13 Oct 2011
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Of the seven total board meetings held in 2011 (January through July) by Open Source matters, Inc. (where there are available published minutes) one can see that attendance at board meetings by some individuals doesn't appear to be of overriding importance to either the individual or the rest of the board.

  • Altansukh Tumenjargal has missed 6 of the seven board meetings with available published minutes in 2011. That is a dismal 14% attendance record!
  • Akarawuth Tamrareang has missed 3 of the seven board meetings. That is a 57% attendance record.
  • Javier Gomez has missed 3 of the seven board meetings. That is a 57% attendance record.
  • Philip Locke has missed 3 of the seven board meetings. That is a 57% attendance record.

If one reviews the minutes back in 2010 from October when the new board members were appointed to the end of that year and average it through July of 2011 then:

  • Altansukh Tumenjargal has missed 8 of the ten board meetings since october of 2010. That is still a dismal 20% attendance record.
  • Akarawuth Tamrareang has missed 5 of the ten board meetings. That is a 50% attendance record.

There also needs to be better review of the minutes by the board. June showed 15 members. Javier Gomez was listed both as attending and not attending. July showed only 13 members. Andrea Tarr was not listed as either excused or unexcused in absences. Though it is apparent by this news post on OSM's web site that Andrea has resigned her position. No effective date was provided and she is still listed as a board member on OSM's web site listing of directors as of today October 13, 2011. Update October 23, 2011: Wonder if OSM members are reading this blog? Andrea Tarr's bio has been removed from the listing of directors on the OSM website as of today for sure and perhaps earlier.

A board of directors is charged with providing ultimate oversight over the activities and affairs of its organization. Each director must discharge such duties in good faith, in a manner the director believes to be in the best interests of the organization, and with due care. Failure to regularly attend board meetings likely signals a director's inability or unwillingness to meet the director's fiduciary duties to the organization and its mission.

Board attendance is directly correlated to board participation and thereby to the success of the organization in furthering its mission. Creating and maintaining a board culture that expects the participation of its directors in productive meetings will increase the engagement of the board. And an engaged board is one of a nonprofit's most valuable assets.

Perhaps it is time for the board to evaulate it's members effectiveness. The existing board has the power to remove directors with or without cause. So does the Community Oversight Committee. Perhaps there hasn't been enough oversight and yet there is actual consideration of removing all oversight. Seems shortsighted to me.

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