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OSM Has Gone Dark!

24 Dec 2015
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For a number of years now Open Source Matters, Inc. has done a really poor job of communicating. Since October, 2015 they have gone completely dark! No, I don't mean they have gone to the dark side (in Star Wars parlance). I mean they have gone completely silent. I know, I know, it's hard to tell since they were not that far away from this state to begin with. Now, however, with what is supposed to be major changes to the governing structure of Joomla happening, all communication with the outside world (or should I say those with an abiding interest in all things Joomla) has shriveled up and blown away. Last time I checked, the terms of all of the members of the OSM Board were to end on October 8th, 2015. On September 28th there was a call for a special meeting of the OSM board scheduled for October 8th at 3:30 am Eastern Time (9:30 pm Central European Summer Time (CEST)). That's it - the last communication on the Open Source Matters public mailing list.

 There have been other communications of an interesting nature appearing on the Joomla Leadership Team Public Mailing List. There you will find discussions about the Leadership Summit and when and where it will be held and who is to attend along with gripes and complaints from some. You will also find that there was quite a dust-up over what appeared to be a done deal to allow paid ads through the back door of the Install From Web feature in everyone's Joomla installs. Worth a read. There is also a very long letter from Sarah Watz to Tessa Mero who apparently penned a blog addressing her Joomla concerns. Also appearing is a discussion on the failures of publishing financial information and an alarming notation that they had to re-budget the 2015 budget when they should have been budgeting for 2016. Therefor, the 2016 budget hadn't even started to be developed until December. And finally on this mailing list you will see once again the concern expressed that there are too many sites with some not being properly updated or maintained.

Obviously the elephant in the room is the complete lack of information on what is happening to the structure of OSM. Of secondary importance is the lack of published board minutes since July, 2015. The total lack of financial reports for over a year and the perceived cover-up of the Federal Filings for 2014 by republishing the 2012 filing's in its place. The missing 2013 federal filings. Unfortunately the multiple failures in the financial arena are the sole responsibility of Victor Drover who apparently has managed to stay on the OSM board once again according to some of the budget discussion on the Joomla Leadership public mailing list. Based on Sarah Watz's letter on that same mailing list, the board is quite well aware of the missing financial information but once again they are giving the treasurer a pass. Big Mistake as the board members themselves hold a fiduciary responsibility which their president in an open and public letter acknowledges they are not holding VictorDrover's feet to the fire over.

One thing we do admit is that regular financial reports has been lacking for some time. We all realize that this could help preventing disinformation and benefit to understand what exactly is going on. Our Treasurer answered a number of questions already in the recent past about the missing reportings, and the challenges the financial team faces to get this in order. We can only ask to try to understand the issues they face and with that, to not spread untrue information or distrust. Awareness of having this information public is big in OSM, however the issue at itself does not justify to suspect mischief, irregularities, unfairness or any suspicious activities.

Sarah Watz

 I don't agree with Ms Watz's position one bit. There is no excuse for the failures to report that have lasted for so long.

Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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David Huelsmann

Dave Huelsmann was Treasurer of Open Source Matters, Inc. from 2008 to July, 2010 and Joomla Forum Global Moderator from 2005 to November, 2010. Now retired, he was a senior healthcare executive who managed large and diverse clinical laboratory, radiology, electroencephalography, and centralized patient transport operations/departments in both not-for-profit and for-profit companies throughout the United States.

Dave was a Navy Corpsman who served in Vietnam while attached to Seabee battalionmcb71

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