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The Frustration Goes On And On!

19 Jul 2016
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Just recently on the Joomla Forum, Michael Babker (Past: Release Lead, Security Team Member, CMS Maintainer Present: Framework Maintainer, .org System Administrator, Bug Squad Member) posted the following frustrations:

"Frankly, I don't think the .org homepage needs to be a hub of news for every activity in the project, nor does it need to automagically filter out stuff that's "old" (just because a team hasn't posted in a year doesn't mean there is nothing happening, but sadly getting them to communicate it is another story altogether because this project which preaches transparency is about as clear as mud when it comes to communication). I don't think removing news modules because other people fail to communicate is the appropriate answer, especially considering that one of those modules comes from a group (OSM) who historically have published little if any relevant information on their own site. Also, the team that's supposedly redesigning the homepage (and only the homepage, because screw brand consistency across all our domains) seems to think that news and other dynamically updating content is not a relevant item and is drastically demoted in their mockup (you have to scroll 4300 pixels to see the announcements block that is currently above the fold) in favor of static marketing materials and preferential CTAs to Joomla's contracted hosting partners over the free download. So *shrug*"

 As you know by now, I also have many frustrations with OSM over the years. On June 13, 2016, I posted on the Joomla forum in response to Victor Drover's post on OSM's Draft 2016 Budget the following:

 "Any chance you can start publishing regular monthly financial reports so that the community sees some evidence of OSM transparency?

Haven't seen a P&L statement in years.

Haven't seen a Balance Sheet since 2013.

Haven't seen a Budget Compared to Actual in years.

Surely the board of OSM must require those documents each month in order to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. It should be no trouble to post them monthly on the OSM website after the monthly board meeting is completed and the reports have been approved by the board. Also, the last federal tax documents posted ostensibly for 2014 was actually the same 2012 document already posted. So we are missing 2013, 2014, and soon 2015."

Common courtesy should have seen some response to my post but I subsequently posted "As I suspected, there is no interest in real transparency. I am just talking to myself here. So frustrating."

Even though Victor Drover posted his draft budget on May 23, 2016 and it is now July 19, 2016 almost two months later, there is no word that the budget has been finalized or approved by the OSM board except for the rather brief summary of the so called lengthy discussion held in the May 26, 2016 Board Meeting that items needed changing as a result of reduced revenues but was otherwise ready for a vote - really? You will note that there was absolutely no discussion about the current financial picture released in that board meeting. It is clear that the responsible remaining three board members are not adhering to their fiduciary responsibilities.

The only comment about the organizational change that was proposed so long ago that I have forgotten when - was that the board was waiting for feedback from the transition team on proposed Bylaws changes. Geez, do we even know if there is more than one transition team member now - if that?


July 25, 2016 11:35 am Central Time: As suspected things at Open Source Matters (and other areas of Joomla) are getting critical! The following very revealing information was posted a few minutes ago on the Google Joomla-Leadership-Group site by Marijke Stuivenberg, Secretary Open Source Matters Inc.:

This message is to first inform you all about the state of OSM (including the budget) and second to bring a proposal to improve the current leadership situation on the table to discuss.

The state of OSM and related to that the budget 2016
As you all know the Treasurer of OSM stepped down in the middle of completing the budget for 2016. This left us all not only with an incomplete budget process and a vacant treasurer role, which has been sorted out in the meanwhile by appointing Mike Demopoulos as Treasurer outside the board of Directors. But more important, it also meant that according to the rules of the state of NY, with only 2 board Directors left, the board does not constitutes the legitimate number of directors. For further details see

This means, the board is not fit to vote on anything or do any business before at least another director is added. Planned is a special meeting of the members on August 4rth to appoint a third director to at least be able to conduct the most necessary and urgent business, of which the budget 2016 will be on top of the list of course. Most likely we will appoint one of the current members of OSM who stepped down as a director last October as this will be easiest to process without all kind of hurdles.

This whole situation clearly shows the fragile situation of the board, and how it affects the project. And at the same time we’ve seen the decrease of CLT members that affects the work of teams under their umbrella. I’ve noticed that CLT just recently published a call for nominations of interim CLT members. Unfortunately at the same time while I was writing a proposal that possibly could form a more solid solution instead of a temporary bandage where we all unfortunately are unsure of how long it has to hold.

I like to share my proposal with you all and discuss it for the next week within the leadership.
The proposal can be viewed (and commented on) here:

As you can see it also includes a timeline, I want to appeal to please abide to that. I’m happy to receive feedback on it and hopefully will lead to a more secure situation that can guide us to the final structure.




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