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06 Aug 2017
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It looks like the Open Source Matters Board may be making some progress in its new structure. It has been about six months since the new board was put into place and they have been meeting about twice a month and documenting (though without the detail I think should be given) and publishing those minutes on the Volunteer portal of which is an obscure place to find OSM minutes when OSM has their own website.

Notable is the OSM new board seems to be following in the footsteps of the previous board in that they are not publishing any financial information. The board does not seem to be taking their fiduciary responsibilities to heart as there isn't even any apparent discussion of how the expenses are coordinating with the budget  in the minutes of the board.



Also notable is that all of the required New York Charities Bureau Tax submissions along with the Federal 990's required by the Charities Bureau have completely disappeared from the OSM website.  Not that this is all that strange because some time ago the former boards quit posting the New York Charities Bureau Tax submission along with the Federal 990's required by the Charities Bureau. And if they were really trying to be transparent they would also post monthly:


  • Balance Sheet
  • Budget compared to actual year-to-date
  • Company Snapshot
  • P&L Statement

Their own Bylaws say the following:

Section 9.11. Public Oversight. To the extent the Corporation creates any of the following documents, the Secretary will, within a reasonable period of time, list and maintain such documents on the Volunteers Portal: Semi-Annual reports on the state of the Corporation and plans for the coming year, minutes of the Semi-Annual Meeting, minutes from all meetings of the Board or Full Board or committees of either, financial reports pertaining to periods of three (3) months or more, tax filings and reports of audit results. Nothing in this provision will be construed to require the Corporation to create any of the aforementioned documents.

Though it provides for  them not to post as well as you can see from the above.

The OSM board is going through another nomination and election process to replace five of its members as required in the new bylaws implemented for the transition.

According to the new Joomla! Structure, half of the Board of Director and Officer positions must be put up for election 6 months after the transition process completed.

It appears then that with staggered terms there will be nominations and an election every six months. I am not aware of any term limits so that the same person could get re-elected every time his/her term expired. However, the nomination process could prevent a poor performer from getting nominated. The same might be said of the voting process.

From the minutes I have read and the breadth of the OSM attempts at bringing everything together, I would rate them good. From the transparency of the OSM Board's minutes, I would rate them OK but not good due to the lack of detail. From the transparency of financial and tax reporting I would rate them as absolutely terrible.


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David Huelsmann

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