Leaks, Drips, and Spills

To check out a newly built crash test dummy, first comes the Head Drop Test--and the name pretty much says it all. A technician detaches the  head from the neck and hangs it from shafts at a precise height of 37.6 cm above a heavy block of steel. A magnetic release mechanism drops the head, which hits the block with a thud. This test ensures that the head has the right weight and damping properties. Notice that there is no further test of the head such as ability to think, reason and make appropriate judgements. The Head Drop Test seems to be a step-up lately from the requirements to be a board member at Open Source Matters, Inc.

Here we are only 13 days away from Halloween and the board of Open Source Matters, Inc. seems to be more focused on travel to various events then it is on the required due diligence review of it's financial performance or the performance of the various volunteers it should be overseeing to ensure the brand of Joomla! is presented properly to the community.

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