Leaks, Drips, and Spills

Monday, 04 April 2016 13:46

The Silence Is Deafening!

Here we are in April. In at least some places across the US it is starting to actually feel like spring and in others it is still wintery.In Open Source Matters, Inc. it is actually dreary. There seems to be serious problems in this transition process OSM has embarked upon. It started at JandBeyond in 2014 (Some ground work was actually done in 2011). You will note that once the Structure Team completed it's work and the votes were cast in about May of 2015 there was a supposed: "There is a commitment to increased transparency." However we haven't seen any increase. In fact transparancy is looking more and more opaque every day. For instance, board minutes for August, September, October, and December of 2015 were not released until February of 2016. OSM is doing better so far this year. We actually have minutes up through the March meeting. That was very helpful to be able to see that the OSM Board which was dissolved in October 2015 except for the three officers as called for in the current bylaws is allowing former members of the board to attend board meetings and perhaps vote on matters or maybe only influence the outcome. Don't know if they allow a vote for sure as they don't record votes nor do they provide the actual quorum numbers other than to say they have a quorum. While the former board members are still classed as OSM "Members" due to the quirky setup caused by their New York corporate changeover a few years ago, those "members" are only supposed to vote in an election or in a special meeting.  "Members shall have the right to vote on the following matters only: election of the Board of Directors. Voting on all other matters is expressly reserved for the Board of Directors." So, why are they attending at all?

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