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Friday, 14 October 2011 14:08

Falling on Deaf Ears!

Have you had experiences relevant to the performance of a board or an issue the board should be dealing with, been brave enough to share them, only to have folks think you are trying to show off your knowledge and dismiss your thoughts without even giving you an opportunity for meaningful discussion? How does that make you feel? What if that seems to be happening over and over again - i.e., it's not an isolated incident and you're not the only one treated this way. People who have emotional and social intelligence. They know how to work effectively as part of a team. They treat people with respect, know how to communicate directly and with compassion, and never engage in bullying. Doesn't seem to be the mantra for the Open Source Matters group on JPeople. In spite of of their published purpose which came significantly after (May 9, 2011) the establishment of the group on June 19, 2010, there have been and continue to be poor experiences in trying to establish some kind of communication with OSM on issues where action was promised or on issues where no action has been seen, etc.

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Of the seven total board meetings held in 2011 (January through July) by Open Source matters, Inc. (where there are available published minutes) one can see that attendance at board meetings by some individuals doesn't appear to be of overriding importance to either the individual or the rest of the board.

  • Altansukh Tumenjargal has missed 6 of the seven board meetings with available published minutes in 2011. That is a dismal 14% attendance record!
  • Akarawuth Tamrareang has missed 3 of the seven board meetings. That is a 57% attendance record.
  • Javier Gomez has missed 3 of the seven board meetings. That is a 57% attendance record.
  • Philip Locke has missed 3 of the seven board meetings. That is a 57% attendance record.
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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 14:06

Where's Waldo (err.. Ryan Ozimek)?

Some time ago I wrote a piece within the Open Source Matter's JPeople group about the missing president of OSM. He had promised in a blog that he would publish a "semi-regular dose of transparency and accountability to the Joomla community as to my activities as Open Source Matters (OSM) President." That was on March 22, 2010. There were two more published blogs March 29 and April 5, 2011. Nothing on this vein has been published since then. It was the sentiment of several commenters that Ryan was busily serving the Joomla community by attending various Joomla functions. I know Ryan is a very good PR person and personally had recommended he not be elected as president of OSM until the board had decided whether to have an executive director in place that could see to the actual leadership needs of OSM. I was concerned that Ryan would be so busy between his position as CEO of PICNet with offices on two coasts and his more then willing and capable PR activities for OSM that he would not devote the necessary energies to develop board members and work on the needed aspects to this organization. If you take the time to read the minutes from when Ryan was secretary of OSM and then when he became president, you will note that he no longer figures prominently in the minutes discussion at all.

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Alice Grevet, a board member and Assistant Secretary of the Open Source Matters, Inc. board, writes a monthly article in the Joomla! Community Magazine title "Open Source Matters Report" for the month of that issue. It amazingly has absolutely nothing to do with OSM and everything to do with the other leadership teams within Joomla. Some people believe in conspiracy theories like John F. Kennedy's assassination, Roswell New Mexico's aliens, Princess Diana, and so on. If I was a believer in these conspiracy theories, I might want to believe that the OSM board has been preparing the way for some time to have all the other leadership teams reporting directly to the board. After all, why would OSM be reporting on their activities as if those activities were their own? Makes you think about this proposed organizational change doesn't it? After all, even Mel Gibson was eventually proved correct.


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If you haven't read this blog by Paul Orwig written on September 29, 2011, you should. But what you should do next is read the input at JPeople and perhaps you will realize that it appears that a very few - mostly Joomla leadership is proposing major changes in how the Joomla project will be organized in the future. You will also note thet very, very few of the Joomla Community are participating in the discussion possibly again because there continues to be veiled and not so veiled implications that certain people have said enough. Doesn't encourage participation.

Currently the role of OSM is to support the developers who code Joomla. If the few who think defining a business structure and bringing the developers under the authority of the OSM Board of Directors (no matter what they might rename OSM to) will encourage the developers to code, they really haven't been living in the Open Source world. Right now there are limits to what the board can do. The developers in the Community Oversight Team can remove board members or add them at will. Kind of makes sure that OSM remains responsive to developers don't you think? Under discussion is a much simpler structure with OSM at the top operating without any oversight.

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The first mention about an assistant treasure position in the 2011 board minutes occurred in the March 21, 2011 minutes. In that discussion, we find the first indication that the Joomla Community isn't going to be provided the actual discussion and reasoning for creating such a position:

The positions of PR, Assistant Treasurer, Trademark Lead and OSM Project Manager were discussed. The email list will be used for further discussion.

Three months later, in June's board minutes we find:

Assistant Treasurer situation: Paul is following up with two qualified US-based candidates.


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Some time ago in JPeople in the Open Source Matters, Inc. group I requested a copy of the responsibility descriptions for the officers and board members be made available to the public. At the time they were posted in a private Google document. While the request no longer appears in the group, it is still a valid request. These documents were developed and were available to the board members. Why the long stall? Now about a year?

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Alice Grevet started maintaining the minutes for the OSM board meetings starting in December, 2010 and has been completing all minutes available since then. In the March 21, 2011 board meeting there was a motion and no discussion to include an officer position of Assistant Secretary and Alice was installed by unanimous consent. According to the Bylaws, OSM can create additional Officer positions as it sees fit. One would ask, however, why the Secretary suddenly could not handle the workload of completing one set of board minutes per month and indeed has not since December, 2010. Now, if there had been open discussion about needing to train a replacement for the Secretary, I could see such a development but not a word was documented. What else is being withheld from the Joomla Community?

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On December 4, 2009, Ryan Ozimek, then Secretary of OSM, Inc. posted this blog in which he promised that the minutes of the OSM board meetings would be published in a reasonable time frame. In fact, he stated: "Our meeting minutes have been recorded internally, and more often than not, sent to the board members for approval shortly after the completion of board meetings." which would imply at least publication during the month following the meeting. Unfortunately the publications of OSM minutes has been very inconsistent with the current state as of today having minutes only available through the July, 2011 board meeting. This kind of delay makes it impossible to have a somewhat current discussion with OSM board members on any decisions that might have been made in the past month. The current board secretary frequently refers to the OSM bylaws when someone pushes the issue of why the minutes are not published in a more timely fashion:

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