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Saturday, 07 January 2012 11:02

Nothing Has Yet Been Resolved!

Let's see, where are we? Oh, yes, it's the end of the first week of January 2012.

So according to some speculators, the Mayan calendar foretells an apocalyptic event. It even gives us a potential date for the theoretical downfall: Dec. 21, 2012. Around 11 months and two weeks away. It is now my fervent belief that if OSM actually holds to their previous promises to publish the financial reports on time as well as the board minutes, it is likely to be on December 20, 2012 and we will only have one day to enjoy it!

End of the first week in January, 2012. Financial reports for the end of November, 2011 and the end of December, 2011 have not been published. Nor has there been any communication concerning the holdup. So, Paul Orwig's dismal record in posting OSM's financial reports for the Joomla! Community to review is at 16.6% for the year (2 out of twelve months).

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New York State law vests the power to manage Nonprofit Corporations in the Board of Directors. The Board retains overall responsibility to ensure that the organization operates within the confines of its Certificate of Incorporation, the corporate by-laws, and all applicable State and Federal laws. An individual Board member cannot act on behalf of the corporation, unless so deemed by a vote of the majority of the board members present at the meeting. Directors are not entitled to rely on reports if they know that those reports are false, if they know the person making the report is unreliable, or if they fail to make minimal efforts to understand the report and judge its reliability.

So, Shame On You - OSM Board of Directors. You have had a number of board failures pointed out to you and you have made no effort to see that those failures are corrected much less ensured that they won't happen again. Let's try to summarize those failures here. Perhaps if someone makes it easy for you, at least one board member might fulfill his or her responsibilities.

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Leaders shouldn’t ignore the elephant in the room or the herds of elephants wandering the hallways.


There are so many to choose from I couldn't list them all. But I have blogged about many of them on this website. And, the result so far?

Silence from OSM.

No action.

But I would imagine the point here is the inability of the OSM leadership to effectively deal with the elephants within their organization. They are either oblivious, ignore them, or accept them. Any of the three are unacceptable.

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Friday, 14 October 2011 14:08

Falling on Deaf Ears!

Have you had experiences relevant to the performance of a board or an issue the board should be dealing with, been brave enough to share them, only to have folks think you are trying to show off your knowledge and dismiss your thoughts without even giving you an opportunity for meaningful discussion? How does that make you feel? What if that seems to be happening over and over again - i.e., it's not an isolated incident and you're not the only one treated this way. People who have emotional and social intelligence. They know how to work effectively as part of a team. They treat people with respect, know how to communicate directly and with compassion, and never engage in bullying. Doesn't seem to be the mantra for the Open Source Matters group on JPeople. In spite of of their published purpose which came significantly after (May 9, 2011) the establishment of the group on June 19, 2010, there have been and continue to be poor experiences in trying to establish some kind of communication with OSM on issues where action was promised or on issues where no action has been seen, etc.

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