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Liar, Liar

13 Mar 2012
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li·ar noun \ˈlī(-ə)r\ Definition of LIAR : a person who tells lies


lie verb \ˈlī\lied ly·ing
Definition of LIE:  intransitive verb 1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive 2 : to create a false or misleading impression transitive verb : to bring about by telling lies


What else would you call it?

OSM has repeatedly lied to the Joomla! Community. No, those lies were not mistakes. They intended to deceive. Let's take a look.

OSM's website:

Unaudited Financial Reports: The following unaudited reports will be available at this location, and updated monthly. We have included a brief reference URL that might help to understand the reports.
Yearly Budget
Balance Sheet
Budget compared to actual year-to-date
Company Snapshot
P&L Statement

Only received two partial reports during all of 2011 and none so far in 2012 (emphasis mine). So no reports means the statement is an outright lie! Liar, Liar!

OSM's J!People group:

FAQ or Policy on Reports and Questions As mentioned in Article VIII of the bylaws OSM will publish within a reasonable period of time documents for public review such as annual reports, plans for the coming year, minutes from all board meetings, financial reports, and tax filings.

Our goal is to publish the approved Board Meeting Minutes within a week after the following board meeting.

Our goal is to publish un-audited financial statements within three months following the end of the reporting period. If we are unable to meet such a deadline we will communicate that to the community.

 As mentioned above, only two partial financial reports were published during all of 2011 and none so far in 2012. Board meeting minutes for January not posted within one week of February's meeting. No notice to the community. Liar, Liar!

Note that Article VIII of the Bylaws state:


To the extent the corporation creates any of the following documents, it will, within a reasonable period of time, publish such documents for public review: annual reports on the state of the organization and plans for the coming year, minutes from all board meetings, financial reports pertaining to periods of 3 months or more, tax filings, reports of audit results. Nothing in this provision will be construed to require the corporation to create any of the mentioned documents.

Nowhere in the Bylaws does it state anything about financial reports being published within three months following the end of a reporting period. Instead it states that the board will publish financial reports pertaining to periods of three months or more. And it goes on to say that if the report is created the corporation will publish the report within a reasonable period of time for public review. No notice to the community. Liar, Liar!

Also in the OSM J!People Group in a discussion started by Jennifer Marriott , on Friday, 28 October 2011 14:13 :

About the financial reports: The un-audited financial reports are auto-generated on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on the type of report). These reports are shared with the OSM board and the Community Oversight Committee.

  Jacques Rentzke

So, back to the OSM Bylaws: "To the extent the corporation creates any of the following documents, it will, within a reasonable period of time, publish such documents for public reports pertaining to periods of 3 months or more, tax filings..."

So, again, the Board publishes the financial documents on a regular basis, they should have been made available to the community within a reasonable period of time. No notice to the community. Liar, Liar!

Have you see the tax documents OSM filed for 2010? I sure haven't. Since they would have had to create that document and file it with the IRS a long time ago, why wasn't it made available for public reveiw? No notice to the community. Lair, Liar!

In his vocabulary-building book “Word Power Made Easy,” Professor Norman Lewis uses each chapter to describe certain types of people to introduce the reader to words. At the beginning of Chapter 10, Lewis describes 10 types of liars and then attaches a word to each.

  1. “Everybody knows your propensity for avoiding facts. You have built so solid and unsavory a reputation that only a stranger is likely to be misled — and then, not for long. A notorious liar"
  2. “Your ability is top-drawer — rarely does anyone lie as convincingly or as artistically as you do. Your skill has, in short, reached the zenith of perfection. Indeed, your mastery of the art is so great that your lying is almost always crowned with success — and you have no trouble seducing an unwary listener into believing that you are telling gospel truth. A consummate liar"
  3. “You are impervious to correction. Often as you may be caught in your fabrications, there is no reforming you as you go right on lying despite the punishment, embarrassment, or unhappiness that your distortions of truth may bring you. An incorrigible liar"
  4. “You are the victim of firmly fixed and deep-rooted habits. Telling untruths is as frequent and customary an activity as brushing your teeth in the morning, or having toast and coffee for breakfast, or lighting up a cigarette after dinner. And almost as reflexive. An inveterate liar"
  5. “You have such a long history of persistent falsification that one can only suspect that your vice started when you were reposing in your mother’s womb. In other words … you have been lying from the moment of your birth. A congenital liar"
  6. “You never stop lying. While normal people lie on occasion, and often for special reasons, you lie continually — not occasionally or even frequently, but over and over. A chronic liar"
  7. “You are not concerned with the difference between truth and falsehood; you do not bother to distinguish fact from fantasy. In fact, your lying is a disease that no antibiotic can cure. A pathological liar"
  8. “You are completely without a conscience. No matter what misery your fabrications may cause your innocent victims, you never feel the slightest twinge of guilt. Totally unscrupulous, you are a dangerous person to get mixed up with. An unconscionable liar"
  9. “Possessed of a lively imagination and a ready tongue, you can distort facts as smoothly and as effortlessly as you can say your name. But you do not always get away with your lies. … We admire your nimble wit, but we listen with a skeptical ear. A glib liar"
  10. “Lies, after all, are bad — they are frequently injurious to other people, and may have a particularly dangerous effect on you as a liar. … If you are one type of liar, all your lies are vicious – calculatedly, predeterminedly, coldly, and advisedly vicious. In short, your lies are so outstandingly hurtful that people gasp in amazement and disgust at hearing them. An egregious liar

Do any of these remind you of  OSM's actions or lack thereof?

Liar, Liar!

I encourage all of you to read the two petitions  linked here and sign them. It is time OSM heard from its constituents!

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