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"obfuscation, misdirection and straight up lies"

05 Apr 2012
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A posting by Robert L. Borosage in the Huffington Post accuses Republican Candidate Mitt Romney of “obfuscation, misdirection and straight-up lies.” A review of the meaning of those words should be very instructive:

  1. Obfuscation: literally, “to darken.”   It is a word that means that a person makes an intentional act to muddy the waters, to turn out the lights, to deceive by hiding the truth.  The main point of obfuscation is that it is intentional.  It is not an accidental covering of the facts; the speaker is determined to confuse the listener in order to deceive.
  2. Misdirection: to give guidance or instruction which is incorrect.  The implication of misdirection is, again, intentional for the purpose of sending someone the wrong way.  It’s like stopping at a convenience store to get directions, only to be told by the clerk, who hasn’t a clue, the wrong information just to get you off (his) back.
  3. Straight-up lies are instructions that are intentionally designed to mislead the listener in order to avoid facts that undermine or deny the speaker’s truths.

Sound familiar? Just apply the above to what you have seen or failed to see from Open Source Matters, Inc. trustees.

So where are we now? April 5th, 2012. No minutes available for February, 2012. No financials available since October, 2011. No comments from OSM. No apologies for failing to keep up with promises made. No notices to the community about the delays seen in providing the promised reports.

I saw this same obfuscation attempt by Andrew Eddie in some of his comments to a few of my previous blogs. At the time I couldn't think of the appropriate word. Obfuscation - no wonder!

Update: Just a few hours after this blog was posted publically, Alice Grevet, OSM Secretary, posted a motion on the OSM Public Mailing List to approve the February 21, 2012 board minutes. One might draw the conclusion that this blog may have stimulated action. Who knows? What I do know is that 45 days elapsed between the meeting and the motion to approve the minutes. Also, another meeting was held during that time frame. Part of any formal meeting should be a systematic plan for the orderly conduct of business. The sequence in which business is taken up during a meeting is known as the "Order of Business." The Order of Business is a blueprint for the meeting. Usually the first order of business at a board meeting after the chair calls the meeting to order is to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Now, I can understand this not happening every now and then. But, this is the second time in a row. This long a delay in approving minutes stretches the memory of the rest of the board members to remember accurately what occurred. Alice diligently completed minutes as Assistant Secretary under Jacques Rentzke. The new chair is now Paul Orwig. So adding two and two. Wasn't Paul the Treasurer who failed to publish the financial reports for such a long period? Bingo - that makes 4!

I encourage all of you to read the two petitions  linked here and sign them. It is time OSM heard from its constituents!

  Definitions retrieved from The Penultimate Word

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