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On August 6, 2013 Jacques Rentzke posted in the Google Joomla Leadership Team Group "At our last board meeting, the board voted for and approved the 2013 budget. We subsequently found out that there was an error that caused some of the totals to not be correct. (this was not Thomas' fault)   This error was corrected, and we also adjusted the provision for tax to be closer to what it is likely to be." You might ask what the amount for taxes was adjusted to after eight months of not being able to get a budget out? It was $53,428. Then upon review of September 2013 Budget To Actual Report you would find the amount of taxes paid as $129,382. That is a 242% overage. Incompetence or Conspiracy?

As I mentioned in OSM - Leadership Circus? the budget that OSM finally approved was income at $652,578 and expenses at $860,642 for a budget deficit of $208,064 - 32% greater then income. Incompetence or Conspiracy?

Just today on the same Google Joomla Leadership Team Group there is a last minute discussion about a Joomla Event in Raleigh, NC on October 23-24, 2013 with a request to donate $1,750 to this apparently unbudgeted event. Victor Drover, who until this message hasn't been heard from since the OSM board decided they wanted him to be the new treasurer and who signs his message as Treasurer-Elect, Open Source Matters (funny no announcement from the board that they did elect him and no bio for him on the roster of board members), stated "The money is not the issue, but if we are sending people to man a booth, what is the plan?" Gee, the budget is not balanced and now they have added an additional $75,954 for a potential  total of $284,018 over and above income and "The money is not the issue..."Incompetence or Conspiracy?

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